Good question!

The last couple of years have been REALLY hard.  First I had to cancel all of my classes (and pay everyone back, argghhh), then I actually got friggin Covid, then had to bring my Mom here to live because her programs were cancelled in Toronto, then my Mom died while she was here, then my son got sick, etc, etc.  A shit storm for me — like so many people.  And, I’m not an introvert — I enjoy alone time, when I want it — but the mandatory alone time?  Not a big fan .. My inspiration for blogs, newsletters, etc., went out the window (and besides, it seemed there was nothing new to say!).  So, this is the first one in a long time …

I’ve made it sound pretty dire, eh?  In fact I had a pretty good season last Christmas here in the Studio Showroom.  At one point it was actually empty — so I’ve started early this year.  Planning on filling it to the rafters before September with all of everyone’s favourite work, and it is pretty full right now, but who knew how many mugs would fly off the shelves in December?  I think people were just afraid there would be no product on the store shelves, but I was happy to fill the gap!  

Now I’m going to start classes again in April (Covid permitting), only three classes this time around.  Have to get myself back into the groove now that things have opened up somewhat — have to leave my weekends free to actually see some friends, see some shows, and eat some fabulous food (only interested in food if it is actually fabulous.  I’ve eaten enough over covid to fill a couple of trucks!). 

We are so lucky to be here where we are: to have come through Covid in sort of one piece, to have grocery stores still filled with food, to have friends eager to reconnect, and I am indeed lucky that my son has made it through the worst of his recovery.  I am grateful for sure, and I hope to reconnect with you over the next few months.  I’m looking forward to having people back in my studio working, and to the great conversations we always have as well.

Much love,

Susan McD