Had an ‘ah hah’ moment this morning.  I think I figured it out … we keep on hearing that obesity, etc., is caused by the fast food industry (the source of all our ills!), but my husband and I hardly ever eat fast food, in fact we hardly eat out at all!  So, it is the gluten?  Not for me … had the gluten test during a GI scope.  Not dairy for me either (I could live on ice cream given the choice).  So what is it?  You’re going to laugh at this one — could it be the lack of cigarettes and coffee?  Back when I was slim and fancy free (well not fancy free, but surely slimmer!) I was smoking a pack a day and probably drinking at least 10 cups of coffee — and never thought anything about the occasional piece of cake or sandwiches with real bread.  We’re no longer (at least most of us) poisoning ourself with nicotine or caffeine — so lung cancer and the jitters have decreased substantially.  We’ve chosen another poison maybe? (At least I have …)  Saw a great cartoon the other day which showed that everything is trying to kill us, and another that said we have to choose our hard.  I’m not going back to cigarettes (the price of the darn things would make you breathe hard!) or to 20 cups of coffee, but I sure as heck miss the days when eating and drinking was just that!  Hard to even imagine it now.  I have hundreds of pictures of my family getting together over food, pics of the table before we decimated it, and pics after with us all sitting around the table looking like we just ate a whole rabbit, raising our coffees and getting ready for the next course of 100,000 desserts … with no guilt.  This may be the key to it perhaps?  My grandmothers and their friends were all plump ladies who dressed for their figures.  I think I’m going to follow in their footsteps and just enjoy my food, friends, and family.  Doesn’t mean I’m going to suddenly be a glutton, but it sure as heck means I’m going to eat cake and ice cream!

In the midst of all this thinking I’m putting the finishing touches on pieces for the Studio Tour next weekend … hope you’ll come and see me, and I won’t say no to a fine piece of cake!

You’ll find all the details on the website: https://www.shorelineartists.net/studiotour.html   I’ll be at studio # 6 with Bonnie Hastings.  You’ll love her work too!

Hope to see you soon,

Susan McD