Poetry the work inspired, or poetry that inspired the work

Over the Wintry, by Natsume Soseki
Over the wintry
forest, winds howl in rage
no leaves to blow.


The Crow has Flown, by Natsume Soseki
The crow has flown away
swaying in the evening sun
a leafless tree.


Invisible, by S. McDonald
Make me invisible, between
flowing silk sheets


The End, by S. McDonald
Walking tall, or crawling,
either way the path will lead us
to its end.


Be Like Water, by S. McDonald (inspired by Bruce Lee)
Flow like water through the cracks
making your own way
skip resistance.


Hey, Jonah! by S. McDonald
Hey, Jonah — why hide in the belly
of the whale, hold on,
ride it instead!


Bounce, by S. McDonald
Must we choose
between the bottom and the top?
Just bounce!


Part of the Storm, by S. McDonald
Why hold on tight when
night comes and winds rage, let go,
be the storm.


The distance between us, by S. McDonald
The distance between
us forms canyons of


Swallowing Sorrow, by S. McDonald
Swallowing sorrow I rise
like a snake
bamboo flute playing.


The Heart of Darkness, by S. McDonald (inspired by Leonard Cohen)
The heart of darkness
calls to me
in three-quarter time.


Rebirth, by S. McDonald
An idea is seen and held
in hand, offered to humans and gods


Riding the wave, by S. McDonald
Riding the wave of consciousness
you appear


Fur flying, by S. McDonald
Furious fur flying
dragons in the air
feline dreaming.


Tears, by S. McDonald
Tears of the father falling
like rain hide all my


Flight, by S. McDonald
Mice in flight
cats to chase


Sheltering in place, by S. McDonald
Sheltering in place
roots too deep to leave
mountains tremble