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How did I get here?

I have always loved art, and started working with ink on paper way back in the 1980’s.  It helped me work through the bust up of a marriage, raising kids, and proved to be a great emotional/spiritual outlet.  It also led to shows at galleries in Toronto, York University, and Northumberland County.  In the late 1990’s I discovered clay in a very round-about way — through meditation.

My meditation teacher at the time (at the Dharma Centre of Canada) suggested I make 100 vases, and even though he didn’t specifically say I make them out of clay, I stumbled upon a pottery teacher — and I was hooked from the first lesson!  The 100 vases turned into 100 mugs, and then the exercise went onto 100 bowls, 100 plates, 100 teapots, and so on.  I think I may have made about 5000 teapots by the end of my pottery career!  Functional work in clay surpassed my work on paper for a while —  but I continued to make paintings, especially when there was something I needed to work out.

I am no longer making pots.  My body has said that it’s time to retire from all of that heavy lifting!  So, I have gone back to the mediums I love on paper … ink and watercolour.

All of my work is ‘one of a kind’ in its true sense, and reflects all of the phases I’ve been through — whether in clay, on paper, and in life.

A history of my work and some of my favorite pieces will be seen in the ‘About Susan” page on this site (a work in progress).  I’m in the midst of going through all of my pictures!.  The gallery generally shows work that is available right now, and that will change regularly.  Some of the work in the gallery has been framed, and that will change the pricing.  If you see something you like shoot me an email and we can arrange a visit.  

The Studio itself has now moved to our solarium.  I would never have imagined myself in such a beautiful work space.  I have marvelous natural light and views from three sides.  No excuse to not be productive!  I’ll post pics of the space when it’s tidied up.  In a mess right now … trying to get photos made of all my work so you’ll have something to look at.  I’m pretty good at taking pictures of pots.  Taking pics of pictures is a whole new ball game!

I hope you will continue to follow me on this great adventure.

We know the only thing certain in life is change.  We can fight it or roll with it, I’m going to somersault!

May you all be well and happy, and enjoy the causes of happiness …

Susan McDonald


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