Aren’t we tired of hearing that?  Had a small stroke over Easter (no long term effects, very lucky!), and sooooo much of my time has been flitting from one doc to another, or this test to that one — while trying to find time to get some work framed or at least completed.  In the midst of that we had the house painted (that was booked last WINTER) so the kitchen was torn apart and the house stunk to high heaven.

Kitchen disaster!

Today it looks much better, and most things are back where they belong.  Just have to get the art work back on the walls and ‘Bob’s your uncle.”

It appears that small stroke may have actually saved my life.  I know, sounds weird in a round-about way, but now the likelihood of a really big stroke that would have done some permanent damage is very slight.  My grandfather died of a stroke at 72 (my age) and he didn’t have a mild warning — and I’m sure the treatment at that time wasn’t quite as sophisticated as it is now.  It does appear that what doesn’t kill us just might make us stronger, if it’s caught in time!

Now the kitchen looks like this, and I could rustle up a meal if you came for dinner.  Might need a little warning so I could thaw out something for the barbeque, but hey, I’m still here!

New improved kitchen!

Kitchen complete!


Now I have to get back into the framing room (the old pottery studio has been converted) and get some work done …

Framing area.

Hope you’re having a great day and hope to see you soon!

Susan McD