Geez, so I had a plan for today (maybe my first mistake) … going to add some pictures into the website gallery, and then make some more cards (sold some this week and have to replenish).  You’d think that would be easy enough, eh?  

Well, I’m no WordPress expert, so it takes me about three days to figure out how to get the pictures onto the website, and THEN it looks pretty crappy so I have to send it back to my fabulous designer guy to fix the layout (hasn’t been done yet, so you can look at the pictures but it’s not the design I hope to have …).  Rome was not built in a day, eh?  Bet it was faster than my rebuild of the website!  Back in the day (many moons ago) I created a website with Yahoo Site Builder (which is not even available now I think) with bells and whistles, marching music, etc., from scratch in a couple of days — it did look like someone with a bizarre sense of humour created it, but I wasn’t taking myself quite so seriously back then.  I was just showing off pots and letting everyone know that I was practically potty (not referring to toilets).  Now I want the website to look a little more sophisticated (so no pop goes the weasel music) and the art to have a good showing.  It’s a whole new way of looking at things for sure …

And then I started on the cards, which are all hand painted and put together.  Makes me wish I could reproduce them through Vista Print!  But no, the actual little centre pieces are painted by hand … who’s idea was that anyway?  First I do the painting, then cut out the black background, then paste the inserts into the cards, then attach the little paintings, get the card and envelope into the clear bag, add in one of my business cards — and Bob’s your uncle.  Only problem is I don’t have minions here to do all the cutting a pasting!  When I put them out at shows I’m sure people are going to wonder why they’re priced the way they are.  You will know better, of course!

Question is, when do artists actually have time to make art?  It’s a good one!

Hope you’re have a great day,

Susan McD